Flame walks into the room as he saw TOP lying on the ground being sweaty after doing pushups. Flame slowly approaches him, he pushes top on his back slowly .Flame gets on his knees leaving him face to face with TOP. He couldn’t help but smile and lets his hand glide over his chest and suddenly stops. He lowers his head to TOP's neck and let his soft lips glide over his neck all over his body till he reaches his bellybutton and looks up again. Top his eyes desire more and he moans a little, flame giggles and kisses from his belly button kiss by kiss towards his pants. Flame kept teasing him so TOP turned flame around and switched position leaving TOP on top of the famous top laner.


TOP roughly rips Flame his shirt open and instantly moves his hand down his pants making Flame moan ‘owh!’. Top slowly rubs Flame’s dick hard up and down whilst kissing him passionately. The diversion of hard and sensitive arouses flame and results in Flame’s body temperature to heat up. TOP notices this and He stops then says he’ll be right back with a grin. TOP quickly returns with an ice cube in his hand and says ‘to cool down this flame’. He lays next to flame again and let the icecube slowly fall his heated chest leaving a wet trail. TOP bends towards him and licks the water away lower and lower towards his pants.When he removes flame's pants he can see his erection trough his pants. TOP smiles and looks at flame, Flame makes sure his hair is looking perfect. Top kisses the head of flame's dick trough his pants and goes down kiss by kiss. With every kiss TOP does Flame moans harder and harder untill he can't handle it and just removes his own shorts. TOP licks his lips and moves his mouth over Flame's dick slowly going back and forth giving him a blowjob. After a while TOP stands up and lays down next to Flame. Flame gets more comfortable with TOP and crosses his legs with him and rests his head on TOP's gorgeous body whilst stroking his abs.


Whilst it was heating up between flame and TOP , Ania was looking at them from the doorway and asked if she could join in. TOP smirked at her and ran towards her. he grabbed her on her waist and dragged her towards the bed. She had no other way than to jump on his lap and started kissing him.


When he dropped her on the bed he crawled over her, as he was crawling she could feel his dick glide over her body. At the same time Flame stood up and flame looking at ania eyes filled with lust biting his lip.

















He shouted tops name and pointed at him with a pout "this goddess is mine to handle, she has waited long enough for me".
















He then quickly draws his attention to Ania to get serious and stares into her eyes.
















When TOP dropped Ania down softly he walks towards flame and kisses him one more time. He then says 'Please make her feel like she is the only girl in the world'.















He then grabs him from behind and shuffles his hair and giggles ' Be a good boy and show her what it means to be on fire. which makes flame mumble kahm-sa-ham-nee-da.

















Unexpectedly Ania pushed flame on a chair behind him making him freeze out of shyness. She moves her legs around him making her sit on his lap and kisses his neck, As she his kissing him softly in his neck she lets her hand glide over his shirt downwards. She moves a little bit back and smiles at him to start unbuttoning his shirt. While she was doing that she was dry humping him slowly. He didn't really know how to react and moves head nervously.
















She moves her finger over his lips and saids 'shht' . She kisses him on his lips and moves her head lower and lower. Leaving a kissing trail untill she reaches his pants. While unbuttoning his pants and lowering it he couldn't help but swallow a bit. Ania lets her tongue gide over the top of his dick making him moan. She lets her lips glide over his dick toying with her tongue. After toying a bit she finally started sucking his dick slowly . He moves his head back and moans with a smile closing his eyes from pure joy.
















Ania moves back up asking him if he liked that , he nodded and replied with 'mhm'. She removes her shirt and slowly removes her bra. Flame likes what he sees and licks his lips. She smiles seductively to him and lowers her panties too. He takes her by her back and pulls her towards him.













She slowly lets his dick glide in her sitting on his lap giving him a ride .

As she is riding him he grabs her boobs. After a while he couldn't hold it in anymore and started comming inside of her. While he comes he moves his body back and doesn't know what to do with his arms and closes his eyes fiercely with a smile .